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I could not mix tick and time bars on the same chart with Tradestation but to my delight I find that I can with Multicharts. That allows me to build a strategy that uses tick and time data streams and that is much easier and less error prone than what I did with Tradestation, to build the time bars in an array from the tick data.

One little thing could be different with such a chart however, I would like to use the tick data in a strategy but I don't want to look at it so I can make it hidden, but even when hidden the spacing of the time bars is not what it should be. It would be a nice thing if I had the capability to make that spacing be normal when the tick data was hidden because I could draw trend lines properly then...
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I just installed MC and am having problems with daily charts, i am using IB data and all I'm able to get is 1 day data and 2 months forward from today without data, I have tried all day to set this up with no luck, tried there forum but it seems u can't even register for the forum????Does someone here know how I can register for the forum? Also to change multiple chart symbols is hit and miss mostly miss, u would think with all the linking abilities that u would be able to link to the quotemanager???? I go to format symbol and enter symbol and nothing. Is there also a way for IB clients to get more than 6 months data like Ensign has and also continuous contract? And what is with the quote manager it's not even streaming data, this is the first charting package that I have seen without this or am I missing it?

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Amibroker can display data very fast - at the expense of the reduced functionality. For example, you can't display over 500.000 bars
Just another BS. AmiBroker CAN display ANY number of bars. 500000 is default protection against entering big numbers by mistake when working with eSignal or other sources that simply don't have more than one year of intraday history.
There is NO limit for imported data.
And even per-plugin limit is just a registry setting (user definable).

AmiBroker won't enable you to have different sessions for different symbols as well as different session settings for different trading days
Again BS. There are intraday session settings on per-group basis (256 different user-definable groups possible).

You won't be able to mix different resolutions
BS again. You can mix any time frame not only in charts but also in backtests/ scans/ optimizations/explorations

Mr. Kirillov would you please stop telling lies ? You should also stop using illegal copy of AmiBroker (using non-registered trial past 30 days is illegal).
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Oh, those Russians
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This is a healthy discussion.
Let's pull out all the dirty laundaries.
Let's open all the closets and expose all the hidden skeletons.
Let the consumer be the judge.
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You don't read what I write.
There is NO limitation on number of bars imported.

The "number of bars" setting is only for eSignal/IQFeed plugins
to avoid entering absurd numbers for sources that do NOT provide more history ANYWAY. Even if there was no message these sources would not give you more. This setting does NOT apply when you import data.

You can't plot minute and daily bars within the same chart. This can only be done in a formula which is not exactly the same.
Yes you CAN. You can mix any number of intervals in single chart. *ALL* charts in AmiBroker are formula-based. Nothing is "closed source" or hard coded. This gives advantage because the user can customize so called "built-in charts" because they are OPEN source (full formula in AFL provided for any chart). So the links provided above present formulas that show how to plot many intervals on one chart (see examples section of: )

And yes I can have 10 (upto 256) groups of different session settings. These cover separate and independent start/end day session and independent start/end night session times for each group. Using different times for monday and tuesday as in your example is not supported right now because no one really requested it. If there is such demand we can easily add that and the impact for performance for such thing is ZERO.

Yes you are right you can not guarantee 100% correct information. Actually what you provide is far far far away from correct.

And I only speak up when you are spreading obviously false information about AB. If you stop doing that I will not have any reason to correct you.

And yes you are using unregistered AB for more than 30 days because you have even shown videos in this thread prepared by yourself that clearly show you are running AB. So you are contradicting yourself.
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