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There are always ways to make money, but the mkt doesnt conform to you, as you probably already know!
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Welcome back. Gotta adjust your style to the markets, every few years, adapt or die right.
Enjoyed reading your P/L posts back in the day. Grinding it out day after day style.
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QuANTum Way
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When I was ten I read in one newspaper that fifty percent of all marriages end up in the divorce. I was surprised with such a high percentage. If people love each other why would they ever want to split. I have grown up and I am still amazed with this statistics. Just the opposite though – why such a low percentage of marriages end up in the divorces? I mean , there are so few ideal couples. I know, I know – kids, bills, mortgages, habits, etc.

Trading is like a marriage. You fall in love with trading right away, you have such an enthusiasm at the beginning and then you either survive and enjoy the benefits or fail miserably. Statistics, however is a lot worse for traders than for newly weds. They fail ninety percent of the time. And according to my personal experience, the number is lowered… Trading is a lot more demanding than your wife or husband. Any mistake can be your last. You can find in any trading book what it takes to be a good trader. Just try to implement it in real life. Easier said than done. I read, for example, dozens of books and articles about trading. Did it help? Short term yes, long term no. The older you get the more stubborn and skeptical you become, the harder you accept new things. No solution? I hated to admit it but it looked like I was done as a trader. Finish, caput, done. Sixteen years and this is it? Thankfully, it was not meant to be. I met a guy who changed my life and my trading once and forever. He is only 25 but he is a freaking genius. He did not have a clue about trading but he knew how to write computer programs and create trading robots. The program that he showed left me speechless. I had no idea it was all possible. To be perfectly honest, he found me as his amazing program could do everything but make money. I needed to teach the machine how to make money. And I did .Since then , I have not entered a single trade with my hands.And I am pretty happy about it
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Great story!
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I retired because I had hit many financial goals of mine and my kids were becoming more active growing out of the toddler phases. I wanted to spend more time with them. I had invested in real estate paying cash for properties over the years and had just been managing those. Recently, after doing full time ministry over the last year or so I have been thinking of dabbling back in the game again. That is where I appreciate your opinions......
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what are you doing now? have a regular job?
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