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Quote from achilles28:

Simple question. Do you get all your information from leftist rags like Huffington Post and MSNBC? Do you have a poster of Al Gore above your bed? Don't avoid the question.
I didn't think you would know. So I'll answer for you. Yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas. If there is more of it the atmosphere gets warmer. Period. Levels of CO2 have gone up some 40% since the start of the industrial revolution, almost all of it due to man. Period. Temperatures are rising at an accelerating rate and are at record levels(the hockey stick graph). Period.

The above are all indisputable facts.

Do you get all your "science" from Fox News and right-wing blogs? Or from hack fossil-fuel propaganda machines like Heartland Institute? Comics? Maybe try NOAA, NASA or Nat Geo or ANY major science organization or university.
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Quote from bwolinsky:

Data supporting global warming is bunk. There is plenty of evidence from geologists that have analyzed trees frozen in permafrost or millenia old petrified wood.

These studies showed that there have been periods of high global temperatures, which most of the periodicity occurring in the century immediately preceding the ice age. The amount of data we have as it relates to temperature measurement, accurate fahrenheit measurement, shows up trends and down trends, but it is only the last 200 years for which we have data, and scientists against global warming argue for it while ignoring the evidence that solar cycles have caused ice ages as well as periods of seemingly progressively higher temperatures.

It is just a cycle, and there is no science that supports global warming.

Water is the most abundant commodity on earth, and cleaning it is commonplace, especially desalinization plants.

The data is solid and extensive. Your second to last sentence is simply laughably wrong. It's about as wrong as a statement could be.
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Quote from futurecurrents:

It's amazing, virtually all the world's climatologists, you know, the experts in this with degrees and computer and stuff, believe it. All the world's major science organizations believe it. But it seems there are so many here that think they are smarter than that about it. Amazing. I wonder if they also think they are smarter than the markets. I wonder if they saw 100 doctors and 97 said they needed surgery if they would go with the three percent opinion.
there is ample evidence that our co 2 or ozone destroying gases are not healthy ,even accelerating ozone depletion at record levels and it does have something to do with temperature and glacier melting,not arguing against that premise,it;s also true that the longer they study this compared to past earthly climatic changes, there are a lot of other variables discovered thru rock formations, ice cores ,plate shifts,that you have to take into account,or if you know as little as I ,most here on the none elite geologist website,know,can't really make an intelligent ,scientific comment,just saying read up,dont take the medias word for it
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2030: A "perfect storm" of global resource shortages
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Tsing Tao
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Quote from IanMacQuaide:

My belief system is my choice. I don't choose to concentrate on negatives, or things I can't change. I only have this life. I choose to concentrate on positivity and Love.
I admire your perspective. However, until you are truly challenged with having to respond to mortal danger, evil, and the like, your view is "from the cheap seats". But it is a start, nonetheless. If more people took your approach, the world would be a better place.
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Quote from nitro:2030: A "perfect storm" of global resource shortages
Wise, old Malthus.
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