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Quote from Frank Coolidge: I am not clear about why Cooltrade would fit as a scam? I have used the software and I have my best friends using it and we are all having great trades execute. Each strategy executes trades to rules that I have put in. It buys and sells automatically.

Sure I saw the same report and I asked the guys at Robotic Trading Systems to explain it. I have even seen the machine that is still running currently. They were very open and easy to talk to. They showed me how the trader looks for profits and continues to hold positions but makes additional buys or sells (if short) and trades in the new stock price range.

My suggestion is to go to their office and get the details of the system.
Cooltrade is under review
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Hmmmm.....when somebody defends a company with ONLY 6 total posts under their name, I get suspicious.

It should be soo easy to know which ones are legit, but it's not.

We all know it's shady to sell something so "valuable". This would solve everyone's financial problems!!! LOL. And of course it doesn't. The Fed government would buy the system; hedge funds trading billions would use it. LOL. But they don't. I wonder why. Also, I see videos online from other gurus and EVERY single video has them making money. LOL. That may not be technically fraudulent, but it's definitely not honest nor likely ethical. They hype winners every single day, and never talk about the losers. That is SALES, not trading. It's pretty lame.

I just went to cleartrade's website....looks like it cost a few thousand. that is nothing. so it makes me wonder, 'do they not have much money for a professional website?' 'why does their website look 10 years old?' IBM certainly has a nice website.
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A post was made to the CoolTrade Community board to see if some ACTUAL clients would come and talk about their experiences with the software.

Seems quite unjust for a NON-USER to call something a scam.

No software or product in the world can satisfy the biases of everyone, especially when they are posting about something know absolutely nothing about.

The robotic trading systems office has an open door and the person posting (sounds local) could easily go to their office and see the product FIRST-HAND and see that the software is real, instead of jumping to incorrect conclusions.
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Again, nobody is claiming their are no losers, they are just claiming LIFO as the particular strategy that was talked about. I just went to and it looks like an up to date website to me. What are you looking at? Also if Cooltrade is a scam then how does TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading, OptionsHouse, OptionsExpress, and TradeKing all support the software for their clients? It is a tool to help people automate their own strategies and has more broker support then any software I have seen
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only trust someone offering to teach you their secrets on their deathbed.

Jack Hershey in his final moments
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Quote from BlueTurtle:

Hmmmm.....when somebody defends a company with ONLY 6 total posts under their name, I get suspicious.
Even a person with one post (who actually uses the software) is more credable than someone with 23 posts, who has never used the software.

There are hundreds of posts on this site talking about CoolTrade.

Here 's one with 1538 posts under his belt:
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