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Quote from Bolimomo:

Okay. I will not be surprised that some of the pictures (the posts) were duped. This thread contains probably over 100 desk setup pictures. The video featured maybe 30 40 50 of them I didn't count.

Your statement said half of these pictures were photoshoped. 50%. I think that's an over exaggeration. To me, photo-editing is harder than IT work! And your statement implied that more than half of the posters here are crooks! Bragging to total strangers??? What for?

Anyway... I just know mine are real.
OK for the record I did exaggerate. I only saw a few pictures that were photo shopped and I've never put together a video like that cause I know it takes a ton of time so I was probably being a jerk in commenting like that... I wasn't implying that the person who made the video or anyone who is legit did it - but you know who you are if you posted a fake pic.

Come to NYC. I'll buy you a beer (and anyone else I pissed off) just one, cheap beer.

Quote from mokwit:

I found the information gleaned from following the links (own and to others) at very interesting, - these are guys who also spend all day in front of multiple screens.

Also maybe some answers for those questions about managing monitors and windows from one keyboard........(mac not Win?)

Says he has replaced synergy with these.
Stefan knows his stuff and his impostors website is pretty funny. Those guys (they have a small network of programmers with those insane setups) are all like one-man command centers for whatever it is they do. I host a bunch & do a a fair amount for people and I'm typing from a single computer with just dual 19" monitors.

I personally have seen manual traders appreciate chat rooms and chatter more than screen time and also say that too many screens can be a distraction - but that said a lot of algo guys or signal/program guys like to have a thousand (Bolimomo this is another exaggeration ) monitors just so that they can verify the signal their excel spreadsheet shows them with the charts. They could probably trade off just two monitors (excel and order entry) but they need the security of the screen as a double check prior to entry.

Ergonomics and personal preference all vary as does trading style and what makes you comfortable.

I just think it's funny that some ET'ers photo shopped themselves into desks that aren't theirs.
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Crude Man
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here's my humble station, which i can do enough with:
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Quote from Bolimomo:

You use one of these systems to use hand gestures to place orders... in the heat of the battle, the computer will sell for you while you mean buy, and will buy for you when you mean sell. Guaranteed! LOL
Isn't that what we need to be profitable?
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Here's mine


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so you're trading from afghanistan. whats the internet service like there??
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You give new meaning to the trading phrase "pull the trigger".

Quote from pavlov0032:

Here's mine


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